Table Manners Aside

Project Details

Project: Table Manners Aside

Role: Co-Founder, Creative Director, Recipe Creator

Type: Blog


Table Manners Aside is a Seattle based food blog that is focused on providing readers with the latest Seattle food news, restaurant reviews, Nigerian fusion recipes and more. It aims to be a cultural bridge between the Seattle food community, Halal foodies, and Nigerian cuisine.

I'm Nigerian and my Co-founder is Muslim. We both felt there were gaps in the Seattle food community. First, very few restaurants served halal meats, and those that did were not widely known. Secondly, for Halal foodies it was unclear whether there were any good alternatives on the menus of popular Seattle restaurants. Finally, there is a limited presence of West African restaurants in Seattle and an even limited knowledge of what West African food looks and tastes like.

Table Manners Aside was created to bridge these gaps.

Aside from writing, We created the visual style and brand for Table Manners Aside. We have worked with various restaurants and companies to host events that share more about Muslim culture and Nigerian cuisine. As well as partnering with restaurants and brands on media announcements and sponsored content.