4Afrika Initiative

Project Details

Project: 4Afrika (In Progress)

Role: Designer, IA Architect

Type: Web

The 4Afrika Initiative is a Microsoft initiative focused on investing in startups, partners, small-to-medium enterprises, government, ISVs and youth on the African continent. It's key goals are to deliver affordable access to the internet, develop skilled workforces and grow local technology solutions. I revamped and redesigned the 4Afrika website to be simpler, visually appealing and to get visitors to relevant content faster.

The current website is complex. Menu navigation is difficult to understand and relevant information is hidden under multiple clicks and links. Visitors to the website have difficulty finding programs/information they had heard about as well as 4Afrika's core goals. I saw an opportunity for improvement and offered to redesign their website outside of my regular job responsibilities. I focused on a design that was simple and surfaced relevant information to the right audience quickly.

The 4Afrika website is a landing page, a connection to the plethora of programs and initiatives within the 4Afrika initiative and Microsoft Africa. There are 5 key audience types. I wanted those audiences to visit the website and in 3 clicks or less find the information they were looking for/ learn about opportunities for them. I also wanted the visuals to speak. Images that an African developer, for example, could relate to and immediately know they were on the right page.

I began by working with the program director, getting feedback on what they felt was missing from their current website as well as what needed to be removed. From there, I created low fidelity mock-ups (paper drawings) to walk them through my designs and flows. I iterated on feedback I received  and finally created an interactive prototype using that easily communicated my design to the program director, PR and engineering team.